Here we prepared a user guide for your child's favorite education app! You will find anything you want to know about our app!
July 26, 2023

A User’s Guide for Otsimo Special Education

Hi there! Welcome to Otsimo Special Education! If you are new to the app or just want to learn more about the features and games, this guide will give you all of the details you need. Let’s get started!

Get to know the app


First things first, start by signing up or logging in to the Otsimo Special Education app. You can register with your Apple ID, Google, Facebook, or other email accounts. After you create your account, create a password and you are now a user ready to use Otsimo!

You may also use Otsimo Special Education on multiple devices. After you download the app to the new device, log in with your account with the same method you did the first time. For example if you used your email account when signing up, you need to log in with your email to access the same account.

Complete the Developmental Test

After you registered and logged in, a developmental test will pop up. This test is developed by experts in their respective field. The results of this test will give us more insight about your child, and we will be able to suggest a plan that will be best to implement and practice daily.

In this test, you will answer questions about your child’s speech skill level, age, therapy background, and diagnosis (if any) and other related information.

After completing the developmental test, you should set a daily goal.

Keep in mind that even though our curriculum is created under the guidance of experts, every child’s needs and levels are different, but solving the test gives us a great baseline of how your child’s curriculum should be shaped.

Setting daily goals

Activity Categories

In the Otsimo Special Education app, there are various themes for your child to practice on. You can find over 100 games aiming to develop cognitive, motor, and social skills. You can also practice reading and writing, basic maths and even get creative with arts categories.

💡 Engagement Tip: Before starting to play, talk to your child about the games, describe their topics and show them the categories. You can let them pick which ones they want to play.

Activity categories

Learning Path

Depending on the results of the developmental test, the app will create a personalized learning path for your child. However, you can also select individual games, adjust from the settings which games you would like your child to play, or even adjust the difficulty level.

Otsimo Learning Path

Start playing 🎮

Now let’s see how you can play the games. Tap on any category that you want to start with. Each game is categorized for you to find what you want to practice easily. Everything starts with your tap!

In the child module (whether it is the catalogue view or learning path) your child can play by themselves! You don’t need to supervise. But we recommend playing together to help them progress through some activities easier.

Our roster of games expands with each update through our users’ suggestions, requests, and up-to-date knowledge we have on the topics and categories. Each category and game is carefully designed with a specific target in mind. You can take a look at our detailed list of games and which skills they develop here on our website.

Family Module

For caregivers, we have a different module in the app. To access the Family module, you should tap the top left corner that says “Family”. There is an extra step to make sure an adult has and is using the device🤓.

Here on the bottom of the screen there are four separate sections which are: Summary, Games, Blog and More.

Track the Improvement - Summary Section 📊

We know that you as parents want to see your little hero shine! But we also know that success isn’t just a one-shot and simple step. Success comes in little increments we call progress. Tracking this progress to see if what you are doing is working or even what can be approved is as important as progressing.

So we’ve got your back! In our app, there is a section called “Summary”. Here, we will provide you with a detailed report regarding the progress of your child on every aspect we offer.

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child plays with building blocks

In this section, you will find about Streaks ⚡ ️ activity points 💯 and play-time durations ⏰ These are all insights on what your child likes to do and if they need to focus on a specific improvement area.

On the family module under Summary section, Otsimo Special Education allows you to see daily progress reports, you will find detailed information on the games your child plays, how long they play each game and how well they did in the games.

Based on this report, you can customize all the settings and games included in the child’s curriculum. You can change difficulty settings, add and remove games, set daily goal duration as well as the hint durations in the games. These customization features are here to provide a better learning environment for all children to feel more comfortable in and focus on the exercises! We also use these stats to adjust the game difficulty each time.

If you are using Otsimo Special Education for multiple children, do not worry about the reports; every setting is personalized for each child and the accounts are separate. For more information on how to add a new profile for a different child, please read this section.

In the “Games” section, you can read detailed information on our games! Adding or removing a game from your child’s catalogue is done here as well as adjusting other options such as hints, game difficulty and music options.

Games sectionGames settings

The “Blog” section will give access to our 500+ blog articles. You can expect a weekly update on our blog! You can use the search bar here to find any information you’re looking for. On the Otsimo Blog, we always write with factual information, backed by reliable sources.

Last but not least, in the “More” section, you will find information about your account. This section will also allow you to complete your child’s profile so that you receive related information when we release new content that can be helpful to you or your child!

To add another profile of a another child, please:

  1. Go to More”.
  2. Under “Account”, please tap on “Child”.
  3. You’ll see the “Add Child” option on top of the screen!

Additional awesome features🎊

  • Games: Children may easily lose interest in what they are doing after a short while. It is totally normal, and is the result of their curious nature. That is why we have designed and developed Otsimo Special Education carefully to educate your child with over 100 engaging games, under the guidance of professional educators, clinicians and families. But we have not set aside fun to be forgotten! Our games are engaging, teaching, and enjoyable all at the same time!

  • Mini games: In addition, there are also fun mini games to keep your child engaged in the practice. In between the exercises, mini games are there to soothe the learning process and add a bit of extra fun. Children can color some cute, fun pictures, play instruments as they like, learn a new rhythm to play, or just watch some fun videos.

  • Positive reinforcement: While playing the games, we try to help out with several different motivational features. If the child ever gets stuck on a particular exercise and doesn’t know what to do, we got that covered with hints! Also, while playing, the child can earn stars and badges after they are done with the exercise, further reinforcing the reward!

The most comprehensive AAC to this date!

At the beginning of our journey, we had decided to add an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) module within our app. We knew the value it would create in overcoming communication barriers for both the kids and their parents and caregivers.

We are most proud to announce that we have added even more cards, words, and features to our AAC to make it the go-to communication tool that is the most accessible and easy to use! We have added 1,700+ new and unique cards, keeping up with the times and developments. Otsimo AAC is easy to use and the best part is that our brand new AAC is highly customizable. Now you can create and add your own cards with your photos and names on them. Communication is personal, so we are determined to make this AAC fit all of your needs and we are improving it more and more each passing day. You can find out more about Otsimo AAC in the guide we have prepared for you, in which you will find general knowledge on AACs, how to use them, how to implement them into your routines and a specific user guide for using Otsimo AAC.

Exercise Daily

Practice makes progress. Integrating Otsimo Special Education app into your child’s daily schedule is a crucial step here because consistent practice leads to permanent results. It may not be soon, but your energy and time will pay off.

Routine Tip: Specifying a time period for your child to exercise daily was found very useful by our users. We recommend 15 mins of practice daily and we will send you reminders! Making Otsimo practices part of your routine should be helpful.

Progress can mean different things for different children. So feel free to change the daily goal anytime it doesn’t feel right for your kiddo, it’s supposed to motivate you towards a daily practice not cause any discomfort or frustration.

Quality learning time with your child

On Otsimo apps, children can freely exercise on their own since there is no inappropriate content. However, some children might need a little supervision from time to time. Also, a little supervision goes a long way because some of our games are similar in their teaching methods. If you play together at the very beginning, your child is less likely to have problems along the way.

There are many games that are designed to give children space to freely express themselves and get creative such as the Rhythm Game or Sketch Game. You can participate in these activities and have fun with your little one. This is a great time to discover different areas of interest for your child. Hop in and get creative!🎶

You can also bring the exercises to your daily life! This means if your child practiced on vegetable names that day, try to have a conversation in the kitchen about the food you’re cooking! You can even just describe the cooking process with an emphasis on the vegetable names. This will further ensure the child grasps the concept!

Available in 5 Languages!

Otsimo Special Education app is used in over 200 countries! We always aim to be more inclusive and reach every special needs child we possibly can. For now, we are offering Otsimo Special Education app in the following five languages:

  • English 🇺🇸🇬🇧
  • Spanish 🇪🇸
  • French🇫🇷
  • German🇩🇪
  • Turkish🇹🇷

To set the language;

  1. Switch to Family mode
  2. Tap “More” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap “Language”
  4. Change it to the language of your choice!

Otsimo is available in 5 Languages Otsimo is available in 5 languages

Try for 7 days for FREE

Otsimo Special Education is FREE to try for seven days without any commitment! After the trial period, you can unlock access to all of our content by purchasing a subscription package.

We offer three different options;

  1. Monthly
  2. Yearly
  3. Lifelong

Unfortunately, once your free trial ends, you will not be able to access any content. So make sure to sign up and stay in the groove.

App Review

It is our greatest pleasure to see happy reviews Reading your happy feedback keeps us going!

All of the interventions had a temporary and variable positive impact on my son Luis. Some had no effect sometimes. Through the years, I tried different ways to engage my boy in meaningful interaction, but I haven’t achieved success. Luis was not able to get meaningfully engaged for more than 30 minutes, even when he liked something. When we started using the Otsimo application, I was completely surprised to find that he was immediately interested and able to engage himself in solving problems for more than an hour at a time. Luis works on Otsimo games every day and enjoys being successful with them. The progressive increase in complexity and comprehension of more than one variable at a time boosts Luis’s attention. While doing the exercises, Luis becomes calm and remains so for long intervals and even for some time after it. The Otsimo program has become our favorite interactive activity.” - Jamie

Otsimo Special Education provided the necessary additional and supplementary education my daughter needed at home. We struggled to find a suitable tool to teach our daughter at home and this app with its games was the perfect option. I highly recommend you try this app! Thank you, Otsimo team!” - Adelia s.

Rosie was diagnosed when she was 2 years old. She has delayed speech and difficulty in social interactions. My husband and I found this app while we were researching alternative methods to provide education to our children. We wanted to give it a try since it was there and easy to do. You can track the progress of their children etc. I’m really glad we tried it! Our Rosie can’t get enough of this app and its games and the fun balloons. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.” - Katlyn B.

I am a speech-language pathologist, I use Otsimo with my young patients, it’s a favorite!! My patients were happy to discover such a lovely game on my iPad, and their parents were excited to see that they are not watching the screen, they are actively playing.” - Isaac W.

Full-time parenting can be tough if you have an autistic child but I’m so glad I found this app. It entertains my child and also teaches him a lot of stuff he couldn’t learn in school. We especially love social stories. He learned how he has to raise his hands during classes to speak which is a big development!!!” - Camila D.

If you have a child diagnosed with ASD you know how even the small things stress you out. This app is great for removing some of the stress on parents.” - Franchesca B.

My little brother loves playing the games and wants to play with the app at least two or three times a day. He especially loves matching games and emotions. He mimics the faces and laughs, pops the balloons, and shows me how he is doing. He now initiates communication. I am so happy to see him open up more and more!” - Ardelia D.


Let us know if you have any questions. Our customer support is ready to listen to any problems or suggestions you may have using the app. No question will be left unanswered and we will be in touch with you to answer your questions within 24 hours! Contact us here, use the feedback feature in our app, or send an e-mail to [email protected] !

Learn more support information!

In the Otsimo family, we have a 2-day refund policy. After you purchase a subscription, you have two days to try our app and decide if it suits your needs. You can read this blog to learn more about refunds or e-mail us!

“Can I use Otsimo Special Education app?”

Every child can use the Otsimo Special Education app! Otsimo is a great aid for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD), ADHD, Dyscalculia, Down Syndrome(Trisomy 21), Dyslexia, and Asperger Syndrome. Read our blog posts to get more detailed information!

Do I need internet connection to use Otsimo apps?

Our app is suitable for offline use! You need to have an internet connection the first time you download and practice and that’s that! So you can use it anytime, anywhere. We don’t recommend practicing right before bed or any activity that might cause distractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read our blog posts to learn more if you have any questions.


This article is examined by Clinical Child Psychologist and Ph. D. Researcher Kevser Çakmak, and produced by Otsimo Editorial Team.

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