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General Questions

Below, you can find the answers for the general questions about the Otsimo | Special Education and its features.

What is Otsimo?

Otsimo is an educational game application developed for children who need special education, the games in the application aims to improve children’s speaking, reading and writing, communication and math skills.

Otsimo provides reports and analyzes about the development of children in order parents to follow the educational process of their children and actively participate in this process while being a helpful resource for children’s education.

How can I download Otsimo?

Otsimo can be downloaded free of charge from App Store in IOS devices and Google Play Store in Android devices. Here you can proceed to stores:

Apple Store:

Google Play Store:

Creating an account?

After downloading the application, you can create an Otsimo account via your Google or Facebook accounts or e-mail address, and you can sign up after you have created a password.


There are two distinct modules in Otsimo. Child and Family Modules.

Otsimo Child is a module that includes educational games aim to help children who need special education. Otsimo includes 60+ games which help children to learn reading and writing, mathematic, vocabulary and core skills. There is also an AAC application that helps children with speech impairments to communicate with significant others. There are no advertising, purchase options or settings sections in the Otsimo Child Module in order not to distribute the child’s attention.

Otsimo Family is a module designed to enable families to follow the development of their children and take an active role in the process. They can access daily / weekly / monthly reports and statistics about their children’s game performances and developments.

Child Module

How to open a game?

The games are in the Otsimo Child section and will automatically open when you click on it.

Family Module

What is Main Page?

The main page contains Catalog showing new games and game categories for your child, Education with various information about autism, Support which you can contact us and reach Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and My Child part showing your child’s performances in games.

What does the Education part stand for? In the Education section of Otsimo, there are useful information, which are collected from articles and researches about autism, for you and your child’s development.

How can I add a new game? You can select and activate the game which you want from the Catalog section of Otsimo Family application.

How can I change game settings? (Difficulty, hint, time) In the Otsimo Family app, after activating the game, you can adjust the difficulty of the game, hint and duration of hint according to your child’s age and development from the Game Settings section. This will give the most appropriate setting for your child.


I forgot my password? Click on “Forgot my password” under the login page of Otsimo and enter your e-mail address. You can reset your password and log in with the help of your e-mail address.

The application was deleted? If your app is deleted, you can download Otsimo on AppStore for your iOS devices and on Google PlayStore for your Android devices. Once you have logged into your account with using your membership information, you can easily access past reports and statistics about your child.

How can I give feedback?

You can give feedback, and report your comments, suggestions and complaints about the app by using Communication section on Otsimo Family or by sending an e-mail to

The application stuck / closed?

Applications may continue to run in the background if full shutdown has not been done, which may cause application to stuck. In this case, you can try closing and reopening the application. For this operation, you can completely turn off the application by pressing the Home key twice in IOS devices. For Android devices, you can close all open applications by clicking on the See Applications buttons on the left and right of the screen.

If there is no improvement in your application after these steps, you can check if your application is up to date and install it if there is an update. As a last resort, wiping and reinstalling the application can help resolve such issues.

If you have tried all of these solutions and there is no improvement, please contact us.

Can I contact you?

Of course! We are always here for you! Feel free to contact us anytime and anywhere.

If you have any problem or just want to get in touch with us for a reason, don’t hesitate to send us an email at Also, you can use the feedback feature in our app.

We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible but expect our reply to linger until the first working day during the Weekends or Holidays. But hopefully, we will get back to you within the next 24 hours. If you send us an email and you do not see our reply within 24 hours, please check if our email has perhaps landed in your Spam or Promotion folder.

We will also can guide you through the product features personally. We can talk on the phone or over Skype/Hangouts.

We will be very happy to hear from you!

My child is diagnosed with … Can I use Otsimo | Special Education?

Yes you can! You can find more how you can get most out of the Otsimo | Special Education on different kind of conditions:

Transparency Policy

You can reach our transparency policy from here.




How to update the application? If automatic updates are set up for your applications on your electronic devices, updates will be completed automatically.

For devices with auto update feature turned off; You can open “Updates” in AppStore for your IOS devices and you can open “Apps and Games” in PlayStore for your Android devices in order to follow the latest updates.

How to use guided access mode? Guided access mode is only available on iOS devices and when activated it ensures that your child will not be distracted from the screen even when clicking on other keys while playing games so that his / her attention will not be distracted.

After activating the Settings -> General -> Guided Access section, you need to set a password by opening the “Set Guided Access Password” section in the “Password Settings” on the same page.

Which devices are recommended?

For IOS; Otsimo can be used by iPads and iPhones which are IOS 11 and above.

For Android; Otsimo is applicable for Android devices which have at least 2 GB RAM and which are Android 6.0 and above.