Otsimo Special Education for Dyscalculia

It’s not unusual for a child to have a tough time with math homework now and then. If your child has problems with specific numbers or low math test scores but does well in other subjects, s/he could have a math learning disability called dyscalculia.

It is a specific learning disorder where children struggle with low arithmetic skills, counting, and symbols. To improve these abilities, several studies agree that didactic strategies with play activities help enhance learning to count, do basic mathematical calculations, define groups of objects, and spatial thinking. This article is based on briefly explaining dyscalculia and gives some advice on using Otsimo | Special Education with your child.

How to Utilize Otsimo Special Education with Kids Who Have Dyscalculia?

Otsimo | Special Education has 100+ educational games that will help improve math skills and reduce dyscalculia disorder for children, teachers, parents, and the community in general. It has a friendly interface, simple and easy to use, according to the user’s requirements. Therefore, therapists underline the importance of using Otsimo | Special Education and recommend using 10-20 minutes per day.

Several segments like “Numbers in actions” and “color it up” make math activities fun easy to learn. Moreover, different games that improve basic math skills in the Otsimo app will help them develop their mathematical skills and help their parents follow their children’s results. Depending on these results, parents may modify the game’s parameters to adapt to the children’s skills.

Last updated: 23 June 2021

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