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Why Otsimo?


ABA education at home

Otsimo gives the necessary ABA
education at home.


Saving time for families

Kids can play on their own without
the need for any instructions.


Affordable for everyone

Otsimo does not contain
any ads


Assisting to enroll in public schools

Otsimo helps children to reach to
level of public school education


Ali’s success story

Access AAC* and 50+
special games.
Completely ad-free.

Safe for kids. Charmingly joyful. Assured control for parents.

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*AAC is dedicated to treating children with autism and other developmental disabilities through its pioneering LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) method.



Children who played educational games via tablet improved their social communication by 100%.

LAMP Programme

It has been observed that AAC training therapy increases children's potential and improves their behavior.

Clemene Ramsey, Fayette County Schools

By using alternative communication tools, children can increase their interests to focus attention to a less interesting or non-preferred activity.

Gupta New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc 2004

Adjust difficulty for
the child’s age and level.

Exiting. Customizable. Great for revealing their
true potential and completely safe.

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The Advantages

Verified & Validated Education System

“Children with autism were taught 2 years intensive ABA therapy, 90% of them had important development to get accepted by public schools.”

LOVAAS, O. I. (1987). Behavioral treatment and normal educational and intellectual functioning in young autistic children. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 55, 3-9. MMCEACHIN, J. J., SMITH, T. & LOVAAS, O.l. (1993) Long-term outcome for children with autism who received early intensive behavioral treatment. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 97 (4), 359-372.*

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People love Otsimo

People love Otsimo not just because of making your child happy, but
because Otsimo reveals your child's true potential.

Otsimo is a child-friendly application designed with the learning characteristics of children with developmental disabilities in mind. It provides educational opportunity and funny environment for children who have a hard time get intensive and continuous access to education. It has its own unique style that shows how to do specific activities on the platform. It gives particularly beneficial results to children with autism and other developmental disabilities.
Prof. Dr. Binyamin Birkan, Specialist in Special Education
I recommend families to use Otsimo in their child’s education process because in a very short time it contributed so much to the development of my son. In just one month, he began to recognize letters and numbers.
Sarah, Autism Mom
Thanks to Otsimo, I was able to teach an autistic student to read and write in five months. This application is a great gift both for me and all the students.
Esin, Teacher
Otsimo includes very effective games for the most basic skills that autistic children need to develop. In addition, the use of the application is easy for both children and families.
Hakan A., Teacher of Mentally Handicapped

The story of our co-founder


“I was looking for ways that would help my brother to take his first steps towards becoming a self-sufficient child, as well as encouraging him to interact with other individuals.”

Zafer Elcik,
Brother of Alper
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