Otsimo Special Education for Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21)

From the reviews and feedback we received, we can confidently say that Otsimo | Special Education is often preferred by parents and therapists to support the education of children with Down Syndrome. This article will give you practical advice on how to use Otsimo Special Education with your child or client

Various tests can diagnose Down syndrome before and after birth. Early intervention is highly essential for the quality of life of children with Down Syndrome. It is known that they have difficulties in communicating and building social skills. To overcome these problems, they are guided to special education where they will work on motor and core skills and improve communication and interaction.

How to Utilize Otsimo Special Education with Kids Who Have Down Syndrome?

Children with Down syndrome can use Otsimo | Special Education to work on their motor, core, communication and coordination skills. Make sure to solve the developmental test so you can benefit from our personalization features where we prepare a smart curriculum for your child based on their skill progress and needs. Based on research on kids with Down syndrome, we suggest practicing with Otsimo 10-20 minutes daily to for consistent progress.

After opening the app, you should go through the developmental test. Upon completion, you can start practicing right away. In the extensive game library you’ll find many categories. To start with, please pick one and show your child how you play it. For example there are games that expect you to choose the correct answer among a variety of options, make sure your child understands the hand gestures. You should stay with your child until they get used to the game and help when they need it.

As we said earlier, your child’s daily use of the app is essential for their development. As they continue playing, the app learns your child’s strengths and adjusts the content and arranges the learning path to focus on their improvement areas.

Last updated: 4 May 2021

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