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July 25, 2023

Problematic Behavior and Solution in Children with Autism

Autism spectrum disorder directly intervenes with brain development, thus causes children to show aberrant behavior from eating disorders to harming oneself. When it comes to solution of problem behavior, behavioral assessment and parents being understanding play an important role in an life of children with autism. Although there may be various reasons to this alternative behaviors, it is possible to eliminate these actions with appropriate functional analysis and education.

Deprivation can also be included in problems relating to behavior disorders of children with autism. They may get ill tempered and become aggressive when their daily routine is interrupted. There may be many reasons to these disruptive behaviors. Besides biological and psychological antecedents, these child behaviors may also show that the child is avoiding or does not like a certain task. In this situation parents should monitor the appropriate behaviors. If the topic that the child does not like is functional behavioral topic, then it should first be familiarized and if it is not functional behavioral, the child behavior should not be pushed.

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What to do While Changing Behaviors in Autism

Problems in autism should be slowly and carefully changed.Setting target behaviors and trying to adjust to them one-by-one is a safe and sure process to follow during autism therapy. Trying to solve a problem immediately may weaken the trust and tolerance of the child towards parents. Eating habits that were acquired in time may also turn into fat and excess weight since the child is not active. Well-balanced diet is important in these kinds of conduct disorders.

Know the Reasons Behind Applying Behavior

Children with autism generally behave in a way that’s considered not normal due to a reason. For instance, they may have destructive behavior like throwing objects across the room or make loud noises to get their parent’s attention. This purely results from wanting to draw attention. However, to minimize and decrease these problem behaviors, the child should be guided patiently. This increases the likelihood of positive behavior.

Just like every other child, children with autism may also cry or whine when they want to avoid or quit a task they do not want. If these types of behaviors occur excessively, they should be talked to and reassured with patience.

There may be hundreds of situations and behaviors the child does not like at school or home. Parents should determine and list these situations and behaviors that cause the child to yell and be uneasy to avoid them. The factors that affect the child in the environment should be assessed carefully. This way, the reactions the child shows would be a way to communicate.

Problematic Behavior and Solution in Children with Autism

When it Comes to Taking Action for Conduct Disorder

After listing behaviors that trouble the child, parents and experts should elaborately determine the most important elements and take action accordingly. If the child has developed a behavior like biting self or people around him, the action should be started on the most harmful behaviors such as that. During the process of treatment and afterwards, parents and experts should both stay stable and the treatment should be applied consistently.

When this consistency is established in every environment, the education of the child succeeds and the behavior sticks with the child. With a successful education, the child suffering from autism can better adapt to normal life and problems that may occur in the future would be easy to overcome. The child, who has the chance to live a more comfortable life for both himself and his parents, can even increase the quality of his life more by receiving higher education.


  • Functional Analysis in Applying Behavior:


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