picky eating habit

Picky Eating Habit in Autism

Children with autism may have restrictive behaviors that can affect their eating habits. Nutrition in autism is an important issue since children have typically picky eating habit. Picky eating problems …

autism and hyperactivity

Autism and Hyperactivity

Autism and hyperactivity disorder are not observed together in every child with autism. However, hyperactivity is one of the most prevalent symptoms in diagnosis of autism. Regarding the definition of …

Repetitive Behaviors in Autism

How to Avoid Repetitive Behaviors in Autism?

Typical autism symptoms are avoiding eye contact, pretending not to hear despite hearing, lack of speaking skills relative to peers and exhibiting echolalia, that is repetitive behaviors. Repetitive behaviors include …

autism toilet training

Toilet Training in Autism

Toilet training is one of the most important skills that children with autism are required to gain because it is among the requirements for educational institutions (kindergarden, nursery) that are …

Aba therapy

Why Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA therapy is a discipline that aims to systematically change an unwanted behavior of an individual into positive behavior,their environment and the society, by using appropriate techniques.

Uygulamalı davranış analizi nedir?

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied behavior analysis is a discipline that aims to change behavior that is socially important by applying it systematically. The most important element behaviorists point out is that it is …