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March 31, 2017

National Autism Awareness Month: Let’s Wear #BlueForAutism

April is just around the corner. It is also National Autism Awareness Month. This beautiful spring month is dedicated to autism and to promote awareness, inclusion, acceptance and provide a quality life to those who live with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Show Awareness, Wear #BlueForAutism

Raising Autism Awareness in a Unique Way

National Autism Awareness Month is celebrated differently by many people around the nation. There are a lot that you can do to raise awareness. For instance, Bob Renzas, an illustrator and a father of an eight-year-old boy with autism, shared a blue sketch of a character for every single day on April 2016 on his twitter to show and raise awareness in a unique way.

Day 4 Blue Sketches of blue characters for Autism Awareness month.#LIUB #AustismAwareness #Autism #Stitch

— Bob Renzas (@renzoid1) April 5, 2016

According to Renzas, his son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder just after his 3rd birthday. They immediately started with speech therapies and early intervention. With therapies and education, the effects of his symptoms were reduced and now he can be in crowded loud places without having to use headphones. He states that despite his son’s social challenges, he is into mathematics and very interested in Earth science, weather and astronomy.

Light it Up Blue Day 17#LIUB #Autism #AutismAwareness #Frozen #Elsa #Disney — Bob Renzas (@renzoid1) April 18, 2016

He decided to do a blue sketch a day in April for Autism Awareness Month in the hopes to raise awareness. His son and daughter seem to have liked the idea and gave their father the title “Best Artist in the World”.

Light it Up Blue Day 30 Apologies for the posting delay.#LIUB #AutismAwareness #Autism #MrSpock #Spock #StarTrek

— Bob Renzas (@renzoid1) May 2, 2016

You can visit his twitter page, where he shared his blue character illustrations, to see more of what he has done.

What Can I Do?

You may be thinking; what can I do? It’s simple. Bob Renzas shared his story in a unique but simple way. A simple share on your social media can touch a clueless person and create a difference you cannot even imagine. During this month, you can share your ideas and knowledge about autism with the world. In the end, the intent here is to share the knowledge, raise awareness.

You can try and find local organizations that arrange celebrations and special events in their communities throughout the month. If there is none, create your own! There are a lot of non-governmental organizations and foundations ( Autism Society , Autism Speaks , Talk About Curing Autism Foundation etc.) whose websites are full of events and information on what you can do to contribute. Even sharing your story inspires thousands, if not millions.

We also have created a website called , on which you can get the basic knowledge on Autism Spectrum Disorder and you can share them with your social circle to create a wave of awareness. The purpose is to wear a blue shirt that represents autism, take a picture with a smile and share it on social media to spread hope and love. It is a simple, yet effective way.


  • Man’s blue sketches are raising awareness:


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