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July 25, 2023

Tablet Computer Use in Autism Spectrum Disorder

In today’s world, many needs can be covered with technological devices. Thanks to this digital world, almost anything from shopping, food, hobbies to education is easily accessible. During autism therapy or autism education, tablet computer use once again proves its vitalism. Especially both young generation being interested in these devices and these devices creating substantially sufficient fields for both socializing and education provide bigger potential for individuals with autism. When these devices, which are easily accessible for families that have financial problems, combine with free applications that can be easily downloaded via internet, the house turns into an education facility.

What does ABA look like on a tablet?

tablet computer use in autism spectrum disorder

Digital applications that apply Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and many other methods that derived from its analysis data can play a big role in personality development of individuals with autism. An essential assistant for individuals with autism and their parents takes shape when the easiness, attractiveness and need-addressing features of tablet and ABA educational methods combine. Tablets are becoming a complete guide for individuals struggling with autism and their parents. Thanks to tablets, families can further improve the education of individuals with autism. These technologies that young generations cannot live without provide access to not only fun but also knowledge for these individuals. Tablets especially provide interesting and fast learning process for especially young individuals.

Applications with different interfaces and menus for individuals with autism and their parents are different programs for everyone suffering form autism. While educating individuals with fun games to reintroduce them into society, these applications also analyze the results of these games and provide guidance for parents. For instance, when an individual with autism struggles with furniture game, his parents are informed in order for them to be more attentive on furniture topic.

Although education with games sounds a little bit childish, these applications that provide extremely positive results for individuals with autism that are around twenty-years old by helping them feel better about themselves. When they complete the games, they gain basic living information and their confidence increases. Furthermore these applications help individuals with autism catch up with developing technologies in today’s world. This way their reintroduction to life is supported from a different angle.

Visual exercises in these applications strengthen mental activities of individuals with autism. Games like matching and imitation enable individuals both in thinking and language fields. Users especially intensively train for adjectives and names, become more familiar with words used in daily life and thus can express themselves better.

Some applications that use tablet use practices as storing information on the background also do data mining. This way these assistants that train individuals with autism and guide their parents also constantly develop to serve much better and creates incredible opportunities to better understand autism in the future. When features like open sources that enable volunteer developers to further develop the programs added, the rays of technology sun shines on autism and the world.

The world is constantly changing. Technological developments create much bigger opportunities for people to battle with their problems. These mobile education platforms developed for children with autism and their parents are one example that stands out in this matter. Take your place in this new world full of better opportunities




This article is examined by Clinical Child Psychologist and Ph. D. Researcher Kevser Çakmak, and produced by Otsimo Editorial Team.

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