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February 11, 2021

Otsimo Special Education and Speech Therapy App Reviews

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It’s an amazing app that makes learning so much easier for kids who have the hardest time taking in information. Otsimo focuses on helping autistic children learn and master basic concepts with its Autism Learning Games app. In addition, its Speech and Language Therapy SLP app helps children with a variety of communication issues find their voice. These are both such important apps because the more help children receive when they’re young, the fuller their lives will be as they get older. Just like any other kid, children with autism and other special education needs learn better when they’re young. Early learning opportunities are key to their development, which is why I love these apps from Otsimo so much. - Melissa W.

While selecting technologies for the child with autism to benefit from, it is important to analyze what you and your child needs. Otsimo offers both special education and speech therapy, carrying hundreds of educational games, and a chance for the parents to be involved in the developmental process of their child. - Ladonna D.

There are two sections for parents and children. My son LOVES this app! We also downloaded the special education app and use it daily but this one specifically interests my son. Seeing children, imitating them is so fun to him. It also improved his speech skills! He is now more confident, and enunciates words better. He repeats the words he learned throughout the day. We would highly recommend both of these apps! - Abe S.

Special Education Reviews

This app is amazing! In two weeks, my non verbal almost 3 year old has learned letters, numbers, senses, and more. He loves playing! Highly recommend! - Shea P.

Otsimo has a really good selection of games / activities included in the premium option. My son particularly enjoyed the drawing letters, learning actions and matching fruit / veg games. The app is perfect for visual learners with fun games designed to to improve speaking, reading and writing, communication and maths skills. My son has been playing everyday for the last week when I am making tea and he hasn’t needed any help at all. The app uses pointers to show the child what to do and it is very clear how to play each game.

I was really pleased to see that the game my son spent the most time on was drawing letters. He really struggles with anxiety and doesn’t like to write letters or draw on paper because he needs it to be perfect. Using apps like this are a brilliant way to get his mark making in and help build up his confidence. I have been working on emotions with my son recently often using print outs so it was great to see learning and matching emotions included in Otsimo. I was really pleased to see my son enjoying this activity and engaging with it. - Jade P.

I researched the company online and found their blog first full of information on the disorder. I wanted to help my son with his communication. He was always frustrated. He never wanted to include me into anything he did. Now that he has spent some time playing with this app, things seem to be getting better! - Carmelita E.

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You’re going to see me describe many lessons in this section as ‘games’, but don’t let that misguide you into thinking Otsimo is just a bit of fun because: 1There are plenty of learning opportunities for all ages within this app and 2 Otsimo isn’t just ‘a bit of fun’, it’s a lot of fun.

Most people will be aware that there are multiple ways to learn, and Otsimo is ideal for ticking all of these boxes; with vibrant colours, silky smooth animations and multiple sound options.

In the ‘parents’ section, Otsimo really goes above and beyond, with additional resources including a detailed report of how a student is progressing, a chart of what games come recommended by other parents/carers and a super thorough blog, designed to improve learning after the app is switched off.

Otsimo clearly has a lot to offer to those who may be struggling in education or just want to bump their grades up. However, I believe that its greatest asset is how much heart has gone into the creation of this awesome autism app. I love that the item is geared towards not fixing autism or changing us to alter our alternative thinking, but offers the same basic education in a package fit for our unique learning style. - James S.

Children have an interest in phones. Instead of watching videos, they can support their development with games like Otsimo. My son’s interest is very high especially for games related to vehicles. It makes him happy to let him play an hour a day. - Ricky K.

I felt sorry for not being able to help her at home since I found out my child has autism. After we learned Otsimo, we started to play games together and communicate more easily with her at home. Otsimo is a nice app, also educational and fun. - Anshul P.

This excellent collection of activities is a great way for kids who have learning and attention issues to improve their language skills, and knowledge of everyday things and actions, by engaging in simple, repetitive games. Otsimo Special Education AAC’s approach has high appeal and its games are simple for kids to play for short periods of time. The auto level features can help kids advance their skills over time. It’s also nice that parents can customize their kids’ experience. For example, parents can set how much time passes before kids get an automated hint. The clapping sounds for right answers can be really rewarding, especially for kids who benefit from simple praise. - Keri Wilmot (Pediatric Occupational Therapist)

It is really a great thing for a parent to see his daughter be excited about learning. The app is very child friendly and the parent section is separate. She has fun and learns a lot of stuff while we can track her progress. I had my reservations about paying an app that claims to teach but I’m really happy that I did. I saw progress only within weeks. It’s amazing. - Annelle C.

This app completely entertains both my 3-yo and myself. Otismo gives us quality time together that no other apps or games give us. It engages us to interact, create narratives, discuss actors’ feelings based on their facial expressions in emotions game and home items, places, and there are so much color and incredible attention to detail. My daughter understands concepts like ‘opposing concepts’. It offers a world that the little ones can move at their own pace and desire. No score. No negative points. No rules. Just colorful incredibly designed games with unlimited possibilities. Well done, developers. We’re very happy with Otsimo. - Irene C.

We searched for alternative methods to educate him at home and we found otsimo. I am really happy! He can play with the app for over an hour!! He is positively reinforced when he completes a game successfully. We work our way up the learning path. And I noticed that difficulty of the games change depending on his performance, which is great. - Sophie P.

Speech Therapy Reviews

It is great that young children have been used in the videos as I think kids are often more interested in their peers than adults. While my son might not pay attention to his peers in real situations he is very interested in watching them on TV / videos so he enjoyed watching the children speaking.

It is also great that the words are on the screen as it is being said with an icon at the top. This really helps improve reading skills and comprehension of the verbal word. I think my son understands a good number of words and this really helps to confirm the words meaning as he hears them said.

As mentioned he needs lots of processing time so being able to listen to the children say the words over and over allows him to take it in at his own pace.

Speech development is about so much more than actually speaking, along with listening and attention skills, we need to have the ability to move our tongues to make different sounds. This is why I like the use of the tongue acrobatics section on the Otsimo Speech Therapy app.

The children in the app show different tongue and mouth movements like touching your nose with your tongue. Your child can then try it out and watch themselves in the camera. - Jade P.

My son with autism spectrum disorder needs speech therapy and this is a great addition to do at home! We play with this app everyday. My son loves using the filters and this makes him engage with the app more. He mimics children speaking. The only thing is I find the words a little random. Maybe the context can also be provided so that children can conceptualize the words. Thank you! - Emmanuel L.

My daughter Ellie has delayed speech. She has difficulty in expressing herself in social situations. She is sometimes so overwhelmed and frustrated that I can’t calm her down for a long time. This app helped her learn ways to express herself! She likes children around her age speak and loves using the filters, so fun! - Yon O.

The app grabbed my baby’s attention immediately in his first game. I was so surprised when he repeated the word he learned on the app to me a few hours later. After the trial I purchased premium subscription seeing the interest of my child. The kids speaking interests him so much that sometimes he plays for half an hour without taking a break. This is so impressive because he cannot focus on anything for longer than five minutes. I am so glad we downloaded this app and would definitely recommend. - Roscoe R.

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I’m glad we could catch the discount, this app helped out so much . We have seen results we haven’t been able to achieve with regular therapy in just two weeks! Really recommend! - MariKolbvn

This app is great for those with limited budget to allocate for speech therapy we really enjoy every second of it. I love seeing my little boy repeat with the child on the screen amazing!!!! - Wilhelmina B.

My son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. I love this app for a couple of reasons. Otsimo helped him learn a lot of words, expanded his vocabulary. The app is also a great helper in terms of calming him down. Videos of children, mimicking them and the fun filters all together encourage him to repeat and learn the words. This really brings education and fun in one place. Thank you Otsimo! - Luba B.

My daughter is really interested in the app. Loves playing everyday. Her peers speaking encourages her to speak as well. The filters make learning fun, which is a great added value. - Weldon B.

My son has delayed speech. He is also shy and does not communicate. This app REALLY helped him overcome his shyness. Seeing children on the screen and repeating the words he learned to me. He even speaks short sentences. Really worth it!! - Muller F.

We see a speech therapist normally, but this outbreak really messed with our schedule. We wanted to give this app a try since it seemed like a great discount. I’m really glad to have given it a try! We have come a long way. Our son enunciates words better, learned a few more words, wants to repeat them and is really encouraged! - Huels E.

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