July 25, 2023

Summer Activities for Children with Autism

Summer activities for children with autism begin with new sensory activities that can help improve sensory processing by reducing stress. Moreover, activities is also so important for the children with autism spectrum to improve social skills and motor skills.You should pay close attention to the outdoors frustration or extreme excitement so you can easily determine when you can take a break.

Activities for Autistic Children

You can have activities with food items and especially try seasonal foods. So, you not only introduce him/her seasonal foods but also you make your child with autism get used to these tastes. This is one of the best sensory play and learning activity for autistic children. You can prepare meals in the kitchen or even explain how to do it step by step. You can also burn campfire if you have the opportunity so that you can show your child that you can cook in different environments.

You can fill a small plastic pool or a large plastic object with sand or water, also add some items to explore inside, such as flower petals or small toys. You meet sensory needs with swimwear and sun cream. Using soft fabrics and odorless lotions or sprays will help you a lot. This is also a good sensory play and learning activity to improve motor skills of child with autism spectrum

If you are going out, start a new activity before leaving home. As safety precautions, try alternatives such as sun glasses, sunglasses or a soft, sun-blocking shirt. You can arrange time for swimming safely together in a pool. Planning a specific swimming lesson, for example, can help your autistic child relax. Swimming helps develop body consciousness and also a learning activity which help to improve social skills and motor skills .

activities You can create an obstacle lesson at your garden or in a familiar playground you’ve been to before. You can allow them to use bicycles or scooters if you feel that the physical and mental development of your child with autism is appropriate for these social skills activities.

Walking provides auditory, visual and tactile perception. In the summer, you can take regular walks in the morning and evening with your child with autism spectrum.

You can take a walk on the beach. There’s no need to give too much explanation here. The beach offers plenty of sensory views and sounds so it is a good sensory play. You can also play some shooting games or collect shells as special events.

You can go out in warm, rainy weather. Wet clothes are an excellent experience for children with difficulties in sensory processing. But be sure to take your umbrella with you as well. Walking in a stream of water will also help your child’s perception.

You can take toilet paper rolls, plastic ornaments, covers and old magazines in an area suitable for you as teaching tools and your child and get some glue with you. You can choose a theme for yourself or you can stick shredded paper together without any theme.

For your child with autism, you can download Otsimo to your smart phones so that you can spend productive time together all the seasons and everywhere.

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This article is examined by Clinical Child Psychologist and Ph. D. Researcher Kevser Çakmak, and produced by Otsimo Editorial Team.

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