9 Best Halloween Games for Kids
March 27, 2023

9 Best Halloween Games for Kids

In addition to being a spooky time, Halloween is also a great occasion for fun games and activities that will be fun and spooky (but mostly fun, to be honest) at the same time!

Outdoor Halloween Games for Kids

For this Halloween, don’t stop at dressing up yourself and your little one. Go all out with your yard and backyard, too! Here are some outdoor Halloween games you can try this Halloween!

Ring Toss, With a Twist!

This easy-to-set-up game is perfect for kids. You can turn your backyard into a little course for Halloween games, and this could be one of them. You would need rings and a couple of witch hats as cones. Dress up and get throwing! Paper plates work amazingly for this game. Whoever wins gets extra candy!

Sling the Slime!

Slime is always good fun. When it comes to kids, throwing it around is even more fun! This simple outdoor game requires only a couple of things. You will need slime to start off. For the target, you can pick anything you like. For instance, you can hang plastic skeletons on cardboard and hang the cardboard on a fence or a wall. You can use post-its to mark certain high-point areas on the skeletons for extra fun!

halloween games for children

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

If you were wondering if the little mini pumpkins you “accidentally” got for this Halloween will be of any use, wonder no more! With some tape and mini pumpkins, you can create your own tic-tac-toe game, right in your backyard! It’s really easy to set up. Make the board with the tape and select similar-looking pumpkins for Xs and Os. That’s it!

Indoor Halloween Games for Kids

If it’s a bit chilly outside for some activities, here are some indoor Halloween games and activities for kids that you can try out with your kids!

What am I?

This will be a great chance to practice vocabulary with your little ones. For this game, all you will need is a couple of sticky notes and some pens! Every participant will get a sticky note with a Halloween word. This could be the name of a Halloween movie, a character, or a costume idea. Have them stick it on their foreheads but don’t let them look! Attendees will have to ask questions to the other attendees to figure out what they are. The winner gets to have an extra of their favorite candy!

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Halloween word search is the perfect at-home game for all ages, especially kids! This game will require some preparation ahead of time. You can find an abundance of examples and printables online for word search games that are Halloween-themed. However, you can also sprinkle around some words that you would like your kiddo to work extra on! This puzzle game consists of a grid that consists of words and random letters in between. The aim is to find the words in the list inside the grid. The first one to get all of the words will win!

Halloween Bingo

This is another game for all ages. When you gather around in your costumes, you can play Halloween Bingo! There are many free printables online, which makes setting up the game really easy. Halloween Bingo will be the event of the night!

DIY Halloween Games

DIY Halloween games for kids will be the fun of the party! And since these games are easy to do with the stuff you have lying around the house, they are easy to assemble and get ready!

Broom Race

This game is the BEST for the little witches! You will need to divide up the party into teams. Get them each a broom and bring out the mini pumpkins out in the yard. The aim of the game is for the kiddos to push the pumpkins with the brooms they have to the finish line, and back to their teammate. Whoever finishes first wins!

diy halloween games

Count the Candy

Does your little one still have energy after trick or treating? Here’s a little DIY game for you! Put the candies into glass jars. Ask the kiddos first to guess how many candies are in the jar. Then count away! Whoever is the closest to the true count wins!

Halloween Themed Matching Game

Memory games are already fun and educational as is, but turning them into Halloween-themed games will double the fun! It’s perfect for school-aged kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers. You can create your own matching game using some paper and creativity, but there are also many free printables online that will reflect the spirit of Halloween to the fullest!


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