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July 26, 2023

Speech Therapy Insurance Coverage in UK

Speech Therapy Regulations Across the UK

If you, your child, friend, or a relative wants to see a speech therapist, make sure to contact your local National Health Service (NHS) speech and language department. You are not expected to pay for NHS therapy, it is free. Though, you will need a general practitioner (GP) to do the registration process. The information for NHS speech and language services can be found online. For instance, if you are asking for help for your child, use google and look up ‘Children NHS speech and language therapy + the name of your area.’ If you are looking for a speech therapist from NHS for yourself, a family member, or a friend, search for ‘Adult/teenage NHS speech and language therapy + the name of your area.’

If you would like someone to do this for you, then you can call the NHS’s helpline for free: 0808 802 0002. The helpline is available during the weekday from 10 am-12 noon and 6 pm-8 pm or if your choice is email, then you can send a mail to [email protected]

After you find the details of your local NHS service, usually the referral process can be done by you, and you can make an appointment with the provided services either via email, phone, or by filling out a form online. However, you will be asked to provide your name, address, birth date, and GP information. In some cases, they may require your GP to make the referral for you, instead of you making it by yourself.

What If There Are No NHS Services Where I Live?

Unfortunately, NHS speech and language services are unavailable in some regions. If you are an adult with stuttering difficulty living in the UK, and they have informed you that there is not a local service, you can check Teletherapy, which is a therapy done via video calls that is accessible to you. For additional information, you can check the Teletherapy page .

NHS Psychological Therapies Services (IAPT)

NHS psychological therapies services are available to those who live in the UK and are at the age of 18 or above. Whether with a referral, which could be done by you or your GP, or not, you can make an appointment. However, to be able to get therapy, the registration process should be done by your GP.

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) provides the following:

  • Psychotherapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), consulting services, self-help which is guided, and other therapies as well.
  • Support and help for those struggling with mental health issues, such as anxiety, stress, depression, etc.

In short, there are many things to look for in your insurance plan including the coverage for several services that may or may not cover speech and hearing services. There are differences, limitations, as well as, benefits of each insurance plan which also depends on the country you live in. However, you can learn more about what your insurance plan offers, what services and benefits can be added, and whether or not you could upgrade your healthcare plan by contacting your insurance company.

For Insurance Tips in Other Countries

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