Otsimo Special Education for Speech Delay

Children with speech delay tend to have difficulty in using mechanisms to produce sounds and use organs such as vocal cords, tongue, or teeth. Speech delay is different from language delay, where the child cannot understand or use spoken language. The signs of speech delay start to show as early as 12 months if the child is not using gestures. Several reasons can cause speech delay; however, oral-motor problems are a common cause. With the help of Otsimo special education, children can strengthen their speech by playing more than 100 developmental games.

How to Use Otsimo Special Education for Speech Delay?

Children with speech delay can use Otsimo Special Education to work on their speech, oral, and motor skills. Experts recommend 15 minutes of daily practice for consistent and long-term improvement.

Upon opening the app, you should complete the developmental test, which will give a personalized program for your child. For example, the “Sounds Around Us” category helps the child recognize and learn different sounds. In addition, the communication games help the child learn via images and repeat after the actions, which can help strengthen the speech skills. Similarly, the Otsimo Special Education has many games where the child can strengthen his oral and motor skills. Hence, consistency is the key to have fun and learn at the same time.

Last Updated: 23 June 2021

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