Otsimo Pledges to Special Need NGO’s
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July 26, 2023

Otsimo Pledges to Special Need NGO’s

We believe the give back culture should be an integral part of every aspect of what we are doing. To this end, we are happy to announce that we are now pledging 1% of our product to NGOs focusing on special needs.

We are hoping to make a positive impact and inspire everyone to participate this journey.

Through the Pledge 1%, we will be pledging 1% of our special education and speech therapy app to NGOs and local organizations dedicating their time to autism and special education.

We will be assigning seats that correspond to at least 1% of our current number of premium users. Selected institutions will get our product with premium accounts, enjoying the full benefits. Selection process will be completed through an application form and conducted fairly.

If you feel like you could really benefit from this, please head to this application form .

Here is a statement from the CEO:

At Otsimo, we believe the give back culture is the backbone in our environment. We want to make it a part of Otsimo’s traditions as best as we can.

A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to pledge 2% of my personal equity to Ashoka and the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation through the Founder’s Pledge. This was my way of giving back to the community.

Now I’m happy to announce that Otsimo will be a part of Pledge 1%; a brand new way of giving back and positive social impact. We will be pledging 1% of our time and product to fulfill our duty as a company to contribute to the society that has given us so much.

In terms of product, we wanted to reach out with our special education apps to NGOs for autism and special education as well as special children foundations. Thanks to the community we have built over the years, there are over 200,000 children using Otsimo across the world for their early core education and speech therapy.

It is our belief that the positivity we receive from the families of our special heroes every day should be shared with the entire community. Our goal is to pledge 1% of our product to those in need, but maybe can’t afford, and create a positive impact and encourage others to participate our journey to democratize education.

We have decided to pledge 1% of our time to METU Animal Lovers, a student club founded to help our stray friends across the campus of the Middle East Technical University. I am an alumnus of METU and believe this campus has so much to offer to animals who live around us. Otsimo is headquartered here in campus as well. A couple of months back, we lost our beloved feline friend Cinco, and decided to create a fund in his name in collaboration with METU Animal lovers. Since then, we have been enjoying our time with and taking care of Kurso, also a friend of Cinco’s.

Otsimo believes giving back to the nature surrounding us and the community we live so close to is crucial. To this end, our team will also be pledging their time to volunteer with tasks for the community.

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