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April 19, 2023

Painting with Kids

Painting is one of those activities that are extremely fun to express yourself however you like and really beneficial in children’s development. Whether it is a group activity that you can try out with your family or a solo project, there are many things your toddler can gain from painting projects.

Benefits of Painting for Toddlers

Through sensory development to expressing and showcasing their creativity, benefits are abundant to painting with your kid. In addition, children can learn many concepts like shapes and letters while also having a blast.

Since painting requires the engagement of arms and muscles, painting can help with your child’s coordination skills as well as mobility in general. Another benefit of painting for kids is that this activity can easily help your child express their feelings and emotions. If they are struggling with a feeling, painting can be a safe place for them to vent out their anger or frustration.

Painting will also enable your child to discover colors and shapes, which are important in their developmental progress. Their brain functions will also improve as their imagination will run wild. Their understanding of the world around them will improve through their sensory experiences, like finger painting or the feeling of the brush touching paper or paint.

There are many fun painting activities you can try out with your child. Here we have gathered some of them.

painting pumpkins for halloween

Pumpkin Painting Ideas for Kids

October is the perfect time to get some pumpkins and get creative! There are many activities where you don’t even have to carve out the pumpkins, which is perfect for kids as it may be a little difficult to manage.

Glitter Pumpkin

Glitter is one of those materials that are used in arts and crafts that make things magical. For just a few dollars, you can turn any ordinary pumpkin into a magical one!

For this painting activity, have your child think of a design. They can turn their pumpkin into a face or an animal, or they can just freestyle. Give them the paint and let their imagination run wild. Once they are done with painting, get some glue and glitter , and do the final touches together.

Dinosaur Egg

If you have plastic dinosaur toys lying around the house that you would like to put in for good use, this activity is perfect for you. For this painting activity, you will need a pumpkin, the size of which will depend on the toy’s size, dinosaur toy, and paint. You will have to help your kid in cutting the toy in half.

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child plays with building blocks

Once you cut the dinosaur in half from its midsection, make sure that you can stick it on the pumpkin. Then, have your child paint the pumpkin an egg color. Don’t forget to also add some cracks on there with black paint. The dinosaur will look like it’s coming out of its egg!

Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

Rocks and pebbles are really easy to come by during one of your outdoor trips. Make sure to bring some with you at home, clean and disinfect, and they are ready for painting projects!

Spooky Spiders

This easy painting activity will make for a great decoration for Halloween! For this activity, you will need pebbles, acrylic paint, colorful pipe cleaners, and glue. Start by painting the rocks your child’s preferred color. Black makes the rock look a lot like a spider, so maybe start with that.

If you are painting the rocks on a surface like a newspaper, make sure to leave the bottoms of the rocks free of paint so that they won’t stick to the surface. Once the pebbles are dry, you can just juj up the spider a bit by painting their eyes (or gluing googly eyes!) and some speckles. Then, cut off some pipe cleaners into equal-length pieces. These will be the spiders’ legs. When you are done, glue them to the bottom of the pebbles. You have your spiders!

Christmas Painting Ideas for Kids

Whenever the season turns and leaves start to fall, people always get excited and start getting ready for Christmas although it’s months away. This may be the perfect season to start thinking about some Christmas painting ideas for your kids to decorate your house or your tree. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, painting ideas will produce some fun and creative results that you can showcase in your home.

Colorful Wreaths

Creating your own wreaths with your kid will bring amazing color and joy to your outdoor decoration. For this project, you can literally do anything from a classic wreath to something that is entirely your child’s.

To start off, you would need cardboard that would be sturdy enough to endure the weather outside. If you would like to hang this inside, you can still use cardboard. Glue a same shape paper on the cardboard to act as a canvas. From there, your child will take the wheel. Don’t forget to provide your child with lots of materials like watercolor or glitter.

painting activities for toddlers

Painting Activities For Toddlers

Painting activities are extremely beneficial for toddlers as these boost the child’s use of their fine motor skills and muscles. These muscles are essential for their writing skills when they get older. An additional benefit of painting activities for toddlers is the sensory experience, where children connect the hand movement with their brain development.

Pine Cone Painting

Pine cones are easy to come by. When painting these small, intricate details of the pine cone, the child will have to use their imagination and small motor skills. Holding the brush in such a controlled manner will be a pre-writing activity. All you would need is some paint and pine cones as well as some brushes. To make it a bit more fun, select an object similar to the shape of the pine cones and turn them into that item by painting it, like an apple!

Everyday Items Turned Into Fireworks

If you are in an exceptionally festive mood, this painting activity will be perfect for you! For this one, set up a couple of options for your kid to try. You can use forks, scrub wires, or round dish brushes. Provide them with vivid colors and lay a piece of paper in front of them and ask them to make fireworks! Join them with this activity and showcase your artwork at the end!

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child plays with building blocks

Painting Kits For Kids

Painting is an activity that has literally no boundaries. Children can use anything and everything they have to paint. Although some tools would come in handy, they don’t have to own the entire stationary store to do some art.

There are many painting kits in the market. These contain various painting materials from canvases to easels. These kits are usually centered around the material. For instance, if you would like to watercolor, purchasing a watercolor kit would probably get you basic watercolors, brushes, watercolor papers and palettes, which would come in handy when you want to start on your projects immediately.

Painting Activity for Quality Family Time

Painting can be a great and quality family time. There are many opportunities where you can incorporate painting into your family activities. From big projects to small activities, painting can strengthen your bonds with your kid.

You can bring an old bed sheet for your entire family to paint and then showcase it in your home as a decoration. For this you would need lots of kid-safe paint, paint brushes, dropcloth to prevent mess, and your family! This activity will improve your child’s small motor skills and communication alike, and your bond will be stronger than ever.


This article is examined by Clinical Child Psychologist and Ph. D. Researcher Kevser Çakmak, and produced by Otsimo Editorial Team.

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