5 Must-Read Books for Special Education Teachers
July 26, 2023

5 Must-Read Books for Special Education Teachers

Special education teachers work with students with variety of disabilities. It is better for them to stay up to date and get different perspectives. Here, 5 must-read books for special education teachers’ bookshelfs.

There’s a Boy in Here:

A Mother and Her Son Tell the Story of His Emergence from Autism, by Judy Barron and Sean Barron

There’s a Boy in Here has consistently appeared on recommended reading lists for special education teachers, and for good reason. This highly praised book is an autobiographical perspective of autism, revealing the personal struggles of a boy and his mother. Sean and Judy detail in a counter-point narrative style the effects of autism on their family and Sean’s childhood. Sean painstakingly describes his bewildering experiences and emotions, from puzzlement about navigating social interactions to feelings of extreme unhappiness. He further details how he would become frustrated when attributed patterns were disrupted. Judy’s contribution offers insight into the desperation of a mother trying to understand and help her son. Their balanced and poignant narratives highlight the emotional and educational challenges facing children with autism.

Exceptional Learners:

An Introduction to Special Education, 14th Edition, by Daniel P. Hallahan, James M. Kauffman, and Paige C. Pullen

A staple for every special education teacher’s bookshelf, Exceptional Learners is a multi-dimensional reference book. Employing tools from psychology, sociology, and medicine, this guide provides professionals with a solid knowledge base and classroom applications to help nurture healthy attitudes and achieve a greater understanding of the nuances of special education theory and practice. The 14th Edition has been updated to include new definitions of psychiatric disorders, learning disorders, and disabilities.

Using Technology To Engage Students with Learning Disabilities,

by William Krakower and Sharon LePage Plante

At the forefront of educational practices and strategies, technology has long been a benefit for students and teachers. Assistive technology proffers opportunities for teachers to improve the learning and engagement of struggling students, particularly those with learning disabilities. Using Technology is a resource that shows teachers how to apply assistive technology to teach subjects and skills, provide better access to materials, foster positive opportunities, and allow students to connect and collaborate.


A Mind at a Time,

by Mel Levine

Noted for its numerous accolades and recommendations, A Mind at a Time challenges the standardization of education and embraces diversity in teaching. Levine appeals to those interested in the mechanisms or learning and seeks to provide teachers and parents with guidelines on how to navigate the educational process. By arguing that every mind is different, and therefore learns in different ways, this book focuses on observing and recognizing different “neurodevelopmental systems” and the strategies for working with each kind. As an advocate for educational reform, this book offers teachers the chance to understand how their students learn (and, perhaps, how they themselves learn too) and apply alternative options for student success.

The Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook, 3rd Edition,

by Joan M. Harwell and Rebecca Williams Jackson

For years, The Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook has maintained its spot as one of the benchmark references for special education teachers and school administrators. With decades of knowledge and experience under their belts, authors Harwell and Jackson updated this classic resource to include comprehensive information about and strategies for working with students with learning disabilities. The 3rd edition, published in 2008, compiles and materials and proven suggestions so that children can achieve their academic goals and find success.



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