The Difference Between Autism and Learning Disabilities
July 25, 2023

The Difference Between Autism and Learning Disabilities

In autism, individuals have different symptoms such as difficulties in communication, problems in perception, impairment in learning, speech difficulties, inability to understand emotions, unresponsiveness to events, problems in physical development, disabilities in act of writing, reading writing differences etc.

Autism, which is a neurodevelopmental disorder, is a disorder whose symptoms can be relieved with the right treatment and training methods. Also, individuals with learning disabilities can express themselves better and can communicate with their surroundings in a healthier manner by using signs and symptoms.

autism and learning disability

Autism and learning disorders

In the case of autism, individuals should receive special education besides standard education. Children with autism have a different and special way of learning. They need special training to develop themselves. Children with learning inabilities may experience late learning, have inability to perceive certain concepts, or refuse to learn. With the right approach and training process in nonverbal learning , these problems can be overcome easily and children can put more effort with increased willing to learn. Although children with autism experience learning disabilities in standard training, this does not mean that they do not have special abilities. A child’s rejection of training shows that he is either not interested in the field or is afraid of failing. With the right training, children with learning inabilities may be able to reveal his/her unrecognized abilities and can become successful individuals by being encouraged in his/her field of interest. It is possible to make progress, even if it is slow, in the areas where he/she is lacking with simple training methods, while the child is enjoying progress on his/her field of interest. Therefore, training in accordance with the situation of the children and their type of learning is very important in terms of their personal development.

Importance of family in learning disabilities

Families have a big role in the processing disorders with the help of treatment and training. First of all, families should be informed about autism and nonverbal learning disability , be equipped with proper methods about behaviors and attitudes, and show a supportive attitude at home towards the child’s training with signs and symptoms. Children with autism who have trouble with socialization feel more comfortable at home atmosphere and therefore may be more open to learning. With the right methods and forms of training, parents can help their children improve faster with paying attention to their children’s learning disabilities. Neuro-psychological disorders are not problems that cannot be overcome. Only the right approach and training process are needed and a special approach towards such as special education programs for individuals with autism is required. You can fight with autism, overcome learning disabilities, and develop personal skills by taking your place in the Otsimo app, where education and love come together!


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