Why you should choose Otsimo | Special Education
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July 25, 2023

Why you should choose Otsimo | Special Education

There are hundreds of child development apps available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Why should you choose Otsimo | Special Education? Because you deserve the best.

Created under the guidance of teachers & professionals. For parents. For kids.

Otsimo | Special Education is a certified and award-winning educational game application developed for individuals diagnosed with learning disorders, attention deficit, autism, Down syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, and other special needs. With over 1,000+ educational materials and 80+ educational games varying from math to social stories, Otsimo | Special Education is the flagship among the special education apps.

Who are we?

Our story starts with the journey of our co-founder Zafer, who has a brother with autism. Zafer wanted to develop a comprehensive app to deliver the necessary education to his brother. In just 2 years, Otsimo | Special Education bloomed with its 170,000+ users from across the world and has changed the norms in special education community. Every parent wants to provide their children with the best educational materials. We know that things get a little difficult when it comes to special education. We know your struggles. That’s why we embark on a mission to revolutionize special education, in collaboration with parents, special education teachers, kids, child psychologists and charities for special needs. Because we were in your shoes.

Why settle with less when you have a chance to go with the best one in the community?

Let’s invest in the future of your little hero together.

Best Special Education app Otsimo | Google & Apple

What does Otsimo | Special Education offer?

You might wonder why you should choose Otsimo | Special Education. Well, we have a bunch of features to show you exactly why.

The only comprehensive special education app in both of the stores.

We know that special education can be more difficult compared to the standard education due to its nature. Special Education apps in the app stores are mainly focused on a single aspect. Even though they focus on only one aspect, they still lack most of the pillars of special education. We believe in a comprehensive approach to special education. In Otsimo | Special Education, we have 13 distinct categories with over 80 educational games.

Daily Life, Core Skills, Numbers, Reading & Writing, Vocabulary, Communication, Puzzle, Geometric Shapes, Household Goods, Video Modeling, Jigsaw, Music and Social Stories.

Anything that your little hero needs.

Educational Game Categories in Otsimo | Special Education

We know that you work hard just to get the best education for your little hero. Do not waste your efforts on mediocre apps. In Otsimo | Special Education, you are in charge of the education efforts for your little one.

Violet’s, one of our dearest parents, thoughts about Otsimo | Special Education:

I found Otsimo on Instagram and I loved it right away. I like how it goes anywhere from 123’s and colors to learning what emotions look like or money or everyday items at the home. I also love that how it changes the format of the question or the answer key changes so the child can’t just memorize the answer, they have to actually know it and that is something that I have not noticed some other apps.

The only app that allows direct family intervention to what the kid engages with.

It is your parental right to access and control what your children get. We respect it. That is why we built two distinct but interconnected modules in one app, both for you and your little hero. In the Family module of the Otsimo | Special Education, you can add or remove games, change the difficulty of each game, decide which in-game materials will be shown in each game. You are the one that customizes the app for your child’s needs.

You decide what your little one will have and we will facilitate.

Family and Settings section of Otsimo | Special Education

P.S.: If you like to opt-out of this feature, we also provide suggestions and change settings automatically based on the performances of your child so as to provide the relevant education at the relevant time.

Progress and report cards. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

You have invested this much and set up everything. Now what? Here comes the measurement.

How long did your little one play each game?

How were the performances for each game material?

Did he/she learn the word watermelon but struggled at the strawberry?

Can you find these data on the daily, weekly or monthly breakdowns?

You can find all of the answers to these questions in Otsimo | Special Education.

Daily Report Card in Otsimo

Unique learning curriculum for every children.

Each child is unique. Meeting for their needs can be problematic sometimes. Do not worry. Our engineers work day & night to provide the right educational material for your little one at the right time.

With our machine learning system, the application adjusts:

The suitable difficulty for each game.

The list of the educational games that will be played at that session.

In-game elements according to the difficulty of the game.

As we do not want to enforce memorization, we use the Generalization mechanism to effectively teach the in-game item rather than forcing to memorize it.

Your personal special education assistant. At the comfort of your home.

We partner with the best stakeholders to provide you the best special education.

Partners of Otsimo

Special education efforts are a long and difficult run.

We are here to assist you. Nothing can be compared to seeing your little hero bloom.

Try Otsimo | Special Education now!


This article is examined by Clinical Child Psychologist and Ph. D. Researcher Kevser Çakmak, and produced by Otsimo Editorial Team.

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