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January 28, 2021

How autism affects adults?

Autism has actually wide varieties and there are different types of it. Normally, autism is diagnosed at very young ages, although some symptoms can also be observed in adults. In general, brain functions are affected in autism, which in turn brings communication problems and social interaction difficulties. Autism symptoms generally emerge in the first three years of life. Early diagnosis is very important for effective treatment. Symptoms of autism in adults is similar to what is seen in childhood. However, since adults are somehow adapted in life, it can be a confusing process to understand whether behavior is autism-induced.

What Are the Symptoms of Autism In Adults?

The most severe symptom seen in adults is that they are no longer able to perform daily tasks and activities. This often leads to the need for care of someone else. Some of the adults with autism can live in the same house with their parents. Some individuals can live with other adults with autism in controlled facilities.

Most adults with autism do not have the tendency to actually engage in social interaction as they have difficulties in creating and maintaining a task. One of the most important signs is that they lack feelings of empathy. This, in turn, leads to a perception of them as unfriendly and cold. However, we need to remember that this is a symptom of autism.

It has also been observed that most adults with autism are obsessed with an item or a condition. When this pattern is altered or deteriorated, they may become distressed or nervous.

autism in adults

Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

Another type of autism, Asperger syndrome, can be diagnosed during school or adolescence. The symptoms are much less obvious. It is a lifelong condition but it is quite possible to make progress. Adults with this symptom are more successful in improving their abilities. They can also improve themselves in being much more aware of social cues, such as body language.

Adult people with Asperger’s syndrome may not be inclined to prefer live alone. Most of them get married and have children. Unlike the attention disorder in autism, individuals with asperger syndrome can focus for a long time and behave very precisely on details. The ability to focus longer and the attention they give to details can also enable them to achieve a highly successful careers in business life. Moreover, they have a great tendency to advance their careers in engineering, science and technology.

It is very importance to initiate treatment of autism early in childhood so that much more improvement can be achieved. When you install the Otsimo app on your phone or tablet, you can easily access games that will attract your child’s attention and you can contribute to his/her development.

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