Otsimo Speech Therapy for Kids with Down Syndrome

Many parents and therapists use Otsimo Speech Therapy with kids who have Down syndrome. This article will give you practical advice on how to use Otsimo Speech Therapy with a child who has Down syndrome.

Children with Down syndrome need intensive speech therapy and home practice. However, you can use Otsimo Speech Therapy to complement their treatment plan.

Can Our App Help Children With Down Syndrome Improve Their Speech Production Skills?

Humans acquire new skills (like speech) by mirroring other humans. This means that when we observe the behavior of another person (model), our mirror neurons fire in the exact same areas, as though we were performing that behavior ourselves. This is to say that even if a child is merely watching the kids on the screen perform, that still may be enough for a start.

We are very content with the results we’ve seen with children with Down syndrome who have tested the app. Using Otsimo Speech Therapy calmed them down, and after just a couple of sessions powered by Otsimo, they started (slowly, but surely) mimicking animal sounds.

It would mean the world to us if you too would share your experience using our app with us.

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