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April 1, 2018

80% Discount - Autism Acceptance

April is Autism Acceptance Month, during April rather than just appreciating autism and increasing awareness, taking action and including people with autism into society are crucial. In this regard, it is our mission to take an action and promote acceptance in all areas, especially in education.

Otsimo consists of 50+ educational games which are developed according to Applied Behavioral Analysis and have an AAC part to help people with autism who have speech and language disabilities to communicate with others. In the premium package, children can enjoy a variety of games and families or special educators can reach all the information about the children’s learning process with the reports and analysis of the games.

80% discount on Otsimo Premium

7 day of 80% discount

In order to promote their education and communication, we decided to make a big discount. The 80% discount in the premium package will start on April 2nd and last until the April 9th. The discount will be accessible during 8 days in both App Store and Google Play Store.

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You can download Otsimo from App Store or Google Play Store and open family section to see our premium discount.

Last Updated: 05.02.2021

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