How to Use Otsimo Speech Therapy for Articulation Disorder?

Assistive technology has made a big impact on children with articulation disorder and other speech related problems. Our app, Otsimo Speech Therapy, was developed to help them with their speech and language skills. It contains a vast number of different games for those who are just developing or reacquiring language functions. Thousands of parents have witnessed how Otsimo Speech Therapy has improved their children’s speech and language skills.

How does Otsimo work?

The kid models you see on the screen in Otsimo Speech Therapy have been checked for pronunciation, so their sound execution is near-perfect. In some cases, it is enough to use our app for only 10 minutes every other day for children’s brains to pick up the correct pattern. While practicing on Otsimo Speech Therapy, make sure that your child is calm and in a familiar environment with as little distraction as possible. As a parent, you play a crucial role. Truly be there with your child and for your child, help them hold the device if needed, and comment on their progress as often as possible.

As a warm-up, you can use the games in the Starters Category. These are quite straightforward activities, so they can be used as steppingstones for your child to move on to more difficult games. After that, we recommend you try out Tongue Acrobatics. These games were designed to boost vocabulary. You can also use silent activities in the Tongue Acrobatics category, just as fun(ny) icebreakers.

Use Otsimo Speech Therapy to improve oral motor strength and sharpen your child’s speech skills.

Start with 5 to 10 words with simple structures and sounds that your child has already mastered. Let them choose the theme but point them to simpler words.

Effective boost

Remember: the more regularly your child practices, the better progress they will show. However, this doesn’t mean you should pressure your child into repeating the words in the app. Especially in the early stages, forcing your child to practice (or repeat the activities outside the app) may slow down their progress or make them shy away. Just incorporate your Otsimo session into your daily routine and try to make it enjoyable.

Keep your Otsimo Speech Therapy sessions short but purposeful. For your child to progress reliably, you need to be patient. High expectations may put pressure on your child, so make their Otsimo experience fun and rewarding. Acknowledge your child’s efforts often; even when they are not succeeding but is visibly trying, praise their effort. We would love to hear about your experience and answer any questions you may have.

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