Otsimo Speech Therapy for Kids with Apraxia

Apraxia of speech is a speech disorder where the child’s brain struggles to coordinate oral movements to produce syllables, words, and phrases. The child finds it difficult to say long words or join the syllables together to make words. Apraxia can be diagnosed around the age of 18 to 24 months.

As Apraxia is a neurological disorder, children need intensive speech therapy. Families and experts find Otsimo Speech therapy as a complementary tool to practice with your child. Especially during the pandemic, mobility is affected, and the child may not attend in-person sessions. Otsimo speech therapy is a great way to keep your kid practicing at home.

A guide to using Otsimo Speech Therapy for Apraxia:

Experts recommend using Otsimo Speech Therapy three times per week for 10 to 15 minutes daily to ensure steady improvement. The child needs to be in a noise-free and comfortable environment so they can listen carefully and practice.

As children with apraxia normally struggle with syllables and the basics to form words and phrases, Otsimo Speech Therapy caters to all such needs. Categories like SYL-LA-BLES and Tongue acrobatics help strengthen your child’s oral muscles, which allow them to form words. Moreover, the app offers various other categories to choose from according to your child’s age and needs.

As the caregiver, it becomes important to keep track of your little one’s achievements, and parental control in the app is a great tool to do that. As your child continues to practice, their personalized curriculum is adjusted according to the progress level. Remember, practice and patience are the key skills to get your little one talking.

Last Updated: 25 June 2021

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