Repetitive Behaviors in Autism

How to Avoid Repetitive Behaviors in Autism?

Typical autism symptoms are avoiding eye contact, pretending not to hear despite hearing, lack of speaking skills relative to peers and exhibiting echolalia, that is repetitive behaviors. Repetitive behaviors include …

Aba therapy

Why Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA therapy is a discipline that aims to systematically change an unwanted behavior of an individual into positive behavior,their environment and the society, by using appropriate techniques.

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Treatment Practices for Autism

It has been a long debate if autism is completely preventable or there is a treatment method that 100% cures the disorder. Even though many specialists talk about cases with …

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Therapy Methods for Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that develops in the early ages. The major problem of individuals with autism is that different parts of their brains does not work together. Many …

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Evidence-Based Practices in Autism

Autism is a disorder that requires long treatment and therapy process. Essentially, it stems from a number of neurological problems. Different parts in brains of people with this disorder are …